Cory Wright (6/19/11)

On Sunday June 19th from 5-7 pm the Actual Jazz Series presented an evening of music curated by local jazz saxophonist Cory Wright. See bottom of post for videos and audio!


The program was as follows:

1st set – Noah Phillips / Chuck Johnson Duo (guitars +)
Noah Phillips & Chuck Johnson are longtime collaborators who are working together for the first time as a guitar duo. Their project is based on a mutual interest in tuning, resonance, and harmonic phenomena. Go here and here to listen.

2nd set – Bristle
Randy McKean, Cory Wright – reeds, Murray Campbell – violin/oboes, Lisa Mezzacappa – contrabass
Bristle combines an intuitive chamber music sensibility with an off-kilter improvisational approach, seamlessly mixing fierce solo statements with intricate group textures in its pieces. The group explores the relation between written and open material, continually experimenting with popular song and through-composed forms. Go here to listen.




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